Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much for this opportunity to apply for your Media team. I have often dreamed about being a part of your inspiration in some way. It’s a real thrill to apply and have an opportunity to work with you and your products.

I have been paper crafting since I was in high school back in the 80’s. I adored shopping for ‘paper by the pound’ at the mall and creating cards. I have always loved hand lettering and fonts. I was introduced to memory keeping in 1997 and have never stopped. This industry has my heart in so many ways.

My style would be described as classy beautiful with clean lines. Typically my projects are linear, but I also create with lots of layers. The colors are either monochromatic and soft, vintage chic, or subtle contrasts. The story I am telling usually directs the feel of the project, so it’s hard to really nail down what would always describe me.

The answer to number three is yes! All those projects inspire my desire to create! The love for this hobby/obsession is found in my life in all the avenues mentioned: layouts, home decor, gifts, mini books, and hybrid. These various mediums find their place in my creativeness all the time. My passion for this art form encompasses many, many areas of my life.

My paper crafts teaching experience includes teaching at a crop retreat, plus classes in my home. As recent as this past fall I taught a gratitude journal class in Ohio. I also put together a written tutorial for the class and sold it online. Classes that have been taught in my home include home decor and mini albums. My ultimate dream is to teach this love that I have in my own studio. (With my daughter’s cupcake shop right next door...{wink}.)

Social media is an outstanding tool for many venues. As a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team, projects will be posted weekly on my blog. Those projects then will be posted to Facebook on my design page. The project would also be tweeted on Twitter. (I find I have different audiences on those two networks.) Instagram has also been used to highlight projects I am in the middle of or have completed. Pinterest is a fabulous way to pin projects from all the team and gain attention on that venue. It would be so very easy to leverage these mediums for the Media Team.

The following are a few of my favorite projects ranging from photo memory layouts to home decor and a card. You have seen my take on your memory file style by way of my projects from the Art of Observation. While many of those are favorite projects of mine, I did not include them here.



hybrid home/party decor

hybrid card

This post here shows a range of projects from a single kit. Just thought I would throw it in here for good measure.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to apply for your team. It has been an honor.

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twitter: @jmpgirl
instagram: jamiepate